The Richmond Fellowship Society is the World’s largest global charity network concentrating on mental health. The fellowship was established in Banglore in 1986 with the help of its founder Ms. Elly Jansen, OBE from U.K. and initiative of our mentor Dr. G. N. Narayana Reddy . Over the years the Fellowship has become a major source of rehabilitation for the mentally ill in India . The Fellowship’s rehabilitation centers were established at Banglore, Delhi, Sidlaghatta and Lucknow. These centers are providing modern psychosocial treatment for the chronically mentally ill. The Fellowship uses Therapeutic Community approach and uses skills and compassion to enable mentally ill to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Being India’s first and the largest unit of Richmond Fellowship National Board, the Banglore NGO has ground breaking approach to rehabilitation, bringing together psychiatric expertise and humanitarian values

RFS (I) Lucknow Branch started in March 2005 under the guidance of Prof. A. K. Agrawal and twelve founder members

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“  Our mission is give our best of best.   ”